Praise for Healing Spirituality

“Among all natural healing modalities, flower remedies often deserve more modern recognition for their gentle and sensuous qualities, as they provide a safe and effective treatment option that is largely free of hazardous side effects. Gudrun Penselin has created a comprehensive and insightful work on the inherent healing qualities of Bach Flowers in Healing Spirituality: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Working with Bach Flowers. Flush with historical insight, practical guidance and a thorough understanding of the vibrational healing powers of Bach flowers, this book is a must-read for both beginners in the field as well as experts, who will benefit from an enriched understanding of remedial flower therapies.”

– Steven K. H. Aung

Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Adjunct Professor, Faculties of Extension, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
and Rehabilitation Medicine and School of Public Health
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Gudrun’s work, Healing Spirituality, is a loving exploration of the magnificent findings of Dr. Bach. Through decades of research, clinical practice, as well as intuitive guidance she has brought together a comprehensive handbook that is an inspiring blend of Gudrun’s contemporary approach, Dr. Bach’s original work and accessible how-to use materials. Written for practitioners, enthusiasts and the curious. This is no doubt the most significant compendium I have had the pleasure to read.”

– Paula Marie Skalnek
Clinical Herbal Therapist

“Gudrun has been a healer, a support and a teacher in my life for many years in her alternative health practice. My health, the health of my family, and my growing sense of self have all been altered and deepened in very positive ways during our work together and the courses I have taken with her. She has a broad spectrum of knowledge balanced by respect and a deep intuitive sense of people’s needs or individual potential for growth.

I was introduced to the Bach Flower Cards and the use of the Bach Flower Essences as part of my treatment process. I have found both to be a source of soul strengthening insight and a path to more direct healing. Whenever I have needed to “talk to or hear from the universe”, I have turned to the cards for guidance, solace and motivation in finding balance again or to gaining better understanding about what key issue I need to be more focused with in my own life and decision making. It is a system that is better experienced personally rather than trying to understand from another’s description.

I am very excited by Gudrun’s new book which will allow more people exposure to this timeless and effective method of healing and personal growth as well as a deeper understanding of our unique relationship with all other forms of life on this earth. Enjoy.”

– Kathy Andersen
M.Sc., Registered Clinical Psychologist in Alberta for 35 years
Recently Retired